Just going to make it quick and some context! My Dad is a Christian and doesn’t like talking about UFOs/UAPs for obvious reasons.

It was 2005 and my dad was a manager for Canada ins in Winnipeg, after his shift he was getting ready to leave around 1:00 AM.

As he was walking outside in the parking lot he saw this ring disc ufo flying incredibly fast about 200 feet above him in a stone like motion.

it was making a weird sound like a warping sound if that makes sense.

It flew incredibly fast from his point of view to the horizon and disappeared.

picture shows exactly what it looked like to him, he described it good and showed him this and said yeah that’s pretty spot on

so imagine you looking up and that’s what you see, just thought about sharing this and I know it’s not from my perspective but I do believe he’s telling the truth.

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