There are couple of videos where we can clearly see tictacs vomiting round shaped objects. We occasionally see those round shaped objects staying in groups unlike tictacs where we see only one of them. 1952 Washington DC Incident was swarming with round ones, there is that ISS footage with lots of round ones, airliner video had 3, apache training video had 3.

Common point of those rounds that they move together in precise accuracy, gaping between them is perfect. We see them in perfect circular movement in airliner video and one more video but i forget the name of that. My theory for tictac-round relationship is that round uaps are ai controlled drones constructed by the tictacs.

We can see the round ones just moving weirdly, random quick movements left up right etc, when they are chilling. There is literally no point to do such movements in a vehicle unless the pilot has ADHD, i think such fast movements are the results of the sleep mode for the rounds.

Secondly my theory for the saucers is that they are different race than the tictacs. Both Hills incident people and Ariel incident kids described their incidents such as: Flying disk descended from the sky, from the inside beings with big eyes dressed up in black clothing came out and spoke to them telephatically. Yes, 10 years old kids from zimambwe in 1996 and 2 americans from 1961 descripted the same thing from their communication style to their god damn clothes.

Tictac race doesnt want to communicate with us and even sometimes they have hostile intentions against us?(airliner teleport) On the other hand saucer race communicates with us on multiple occasions and they seem to interested with us and our future.

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