I’m pretty sure Earth is a developing planet among the galaxy and NHI are using technological breakthroughs and treatys to align humanity with certain groups of NHI against other groups. They either directly collaborate with humans in a technology exchange or indirectly by telepathically nudging humans in high level industries to certain conclusions and breakthroughs.

I think when Greer and co. say things like it’s all benevolent beings up there yada yada he’s leaving out that the malevolent ones aren’t worth discussing – much like if you were trying to explain humanity to other beings you would avoid discussing the Nazis or cartels because by in large they don’t represent humankind.

I know this sounds hella TV brained but it makes a lot of sense to me.

I feel like at this moment we are at a critical point in our planets history that will shape our futures forever.

I’d like to hear everyone’s take on this.

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