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Ground track of USA 184 (NROL-22)

The coordinated used are 8.8343°S, 93.4120°E.

The black square shows the position of the coordinates.

The arrow marker shows the position of the satellite where it was the closest to the coordinates.

The satellite reached a maximum altitude of 83° at a distance of 4434km .

By using maths we can say that the satellite’s altitude above the ground was about 4401km.

More details in case anyone is interested

That however still doesn’t make the video legit. There a still problems with it which we don’t have the answer for. For example: The optics

Let’s say the airplane is at an altitude of 10km. The satellite is at an altitude of 4401km. So the satellite is 4391m above the plane (90° angle).

Optics are diffraction limited. That means an optical instrument has limits of how small detailes it can resolve. That limit is determined by the diameter of the aperture.

The satellite would need an optical front element of 100m in diameter to achieve a resolution of 28m (10km altitude). For reference the Hubble Space Telescope has a mirror 2.4m in diameter.

I think you get it.

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