I see these odd orbs similar to this 3 times now. This is the first one I caught on video. It looks huge. No sound. Starts stationary seemed to just appear before I started recording. I first saw one straight above me in my driveway with another witness who lives with me, we saw a shooting star then an odd orb go in a circular motion in 2 different directions then get dim and disappears just like this one. This one went to the right and up then just got dim and disappears completely even though this part of the sky was clear. You can see the 2 stars on either side fine. I also have more videos of smaller orbs moving oddly. This one was the craziest one. I just used my phone camera. May experiment with other cameras to get a better shot. I have a full spectrum camera not sure how it would look. I see planes over my house often these orbs are definitely not planes at least not ones with flashing lights and very high up in my opinion.

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