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The first video was posted May 19, 2014. It’s the satellite view.

The second video was posted June 12, 2014. That’s the FLIR footage.

The reason this is important because the source of these videos, as the original post claimed to have gotten these from a source, could have two separate sources. If we assume the first video is real, the second could be a hoax, and if we assume the first one is a hoax, the second could have been another attempt to get the hoax traction.

I’m not saying this definitively proves anything about the video, but it is important to keep in perspective that this is not info that was obtained by this original poster at the same time, and it does raise some questions about the videos, from multiple perspectives, about where they may have come from and what the motive may have been.

I’ve just been noticing a lot of people say “the video” or “it was released 2 months later,” when it is two videos, and one was posted 2 months later and one was posted 3 months later.

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