There has been some discussion on how to explain the bright flash in the satellite footage given the FLIR shows the portal to be cold. As it has been shown, the satellite video was most likely taken by an infrared satellite (SBIRS Geo 1/2) – so how does this fit together?

I don’t know if it has been stated before, but here is my thought: it looks to me as if the portal was reflective and very cold. From the infrared satellite it seems warm as it reflects sunlight back upwards (and scatters some of it onto the cloud nearby). If the drone was at a right position to be shielded from the backscattered sunlight, the portal would appear cold in the FLIR video.

Maybe someone has an idea on how to look into this more closely.

Edit: For this to work out, the surface of the portal would have to possess a certain glossiness and could not be perfectly smooth as we would see mirror images of the sun otherwise. (Mirror imagES because it doesn’t seem to be a perfect sphere but appears ‘bubbly’).

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