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How about the ontological shock of turning the world into an enormous oven?

It is shocking if we have technology from a non-human origin. But what climate change is doing to the planet — and what is clearly on the cusp of happening — is as shocking as it gets. The same sorts of seismic shifts in society and culture are going to happen anyway.

If private contractors are squirreling away technology that could mitigate this crisis, that technology has to be appropriated by the government now. We can argue later if it’s immoral or criminal to do what those contractors have allegedly done. As an immediate matter it’s an issue of eminent domain due to the magnitude of the public interest involved. That’s something the new legislation seems to get very right.

I’m as wary of government overreach as the next person, but the best chance to use this alleged technology appropriately is through the government.

IMO this is how to understand Grusch’s whistleblower claim and why his efforts deserve our strongest possible support. There is nothing worse than the course we are already on.

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