It has been stated multiple times that the FLIR video shown is of a GA MQ-1C Gray Eagle

This analysis is sound and seems to be correct. But then people also claimed that the sensor payload coincides with a TRICLOPS mounting configuration (or something alike)

I first believed it, but then in this thread it was pointed out by u/fudge_friend here that the footage from the original leak shows the leading edge of the UAV wing. Which then further induces questions on the legitimacy of the video

Even with an extremely high VFOV, the TRICLOPS mounting configuration does not appear to allow the payload to capture the wing simply because of how forward the placement is. Not saying it isn’t possible, just doesn’t seem likely. If anything, it should capture the rim/edge of its own housing

I did not do any super-sleuthing to prove or disprove anything, but I think this deserves a post of its own for discussion. Primarily being:

Is it possible to calibrate the footage to try and reverse engineer likely camera intrinsics? And then compare with known intrinsics of commonly used FLIR systems Use said intrinsics to render a simulation to figure out exactly where the sensor is likely placed under the wing / body of the UAV Compare that with other payload mounting configurations for multiple UAV’s (primarily MQ-1C since that seems to be the consensus)

I tried to find other ISR payload configurations but the TRICLOPS is the only one showing up, and let’s say my OSINT abilities are lacking 🙂

I’d love to hear peoples thoughts on this

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