After Bob Oeschler’s video discussing reverse engineering programs with Admiral Inman came up on r/UFOs the other day, I figured I’d do google fu-ing. That search led me to a the Stratfor email dump on Wikileaks. I found Fred Burton – the former Deputy Chief of Protective Intelligence and Counterterrorism for the US State Department & VP of Intelligence of Statfor – had email correspondence with Admiral Inman’s office. So that led me to look through a lot of his correspondence. What I gather is Fred Burton either has a deep interest in UFOs to the point his staff makes fun of him for it, or given his high level position with 14 years at the State Department, he had access to information that us ordinary folks don’t. Either way I thought it was worth sharing.

Admiral Inman Request

Email correspondence with Tom King of Admiral Inman’s office requesting Admiral Inman write a blurb for his book on counter terrorism. Thought this was interesting as it showed Tom King was still working for Admiral Inman at least up until 2014. King was the same individual that left the message on Bob Oechsler’s voicemail:

“Mr. Oechsler this is Tom King in Admiral Inman’s Office. Yes you would be breaching confidence and / or violation of secrecy laws in discussing his involvement in any manner.”


“I know a very credible author working on the real story behind Area 51. It will be a best seller in 2011. The truth is truly amazing but also EXTREMELY troubling.”

Burton is referring to Annie Jacobsen the author Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base. There is other correspondence within the emails between Jacobsen and Burton discussing source sharing.

There also seems to be an email about Area 51 and S4 that appears to be overwritten since being published on Wikileaks.

Attending UFO Conferences

” These are the kinds of folks who would also be interested in Stratfor due to our alternative analysis. Everyone who attends believes in alternative analysis and conspiracy theories. Frankly so do many people here. Having been a part of real conspiracies, I also believe in some….just a thought.”

I thought this email was interesting because Burton alludes to being a part of ‘real conspiracies’ in an email thread about an upcoming UFO conference.

JFK Assassination

Subtle confirmation JFK was assassinated 10 days after requesting UFO files.

Fwd UFO Article to Air Force General

An email to Air Force Major General Robert M. Marquette, Jr discussing a UFO article.

I am not sure what to make of this email correspondence.

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