If you read the steps at the bottom you have:

The reactants must collide with each other.

The molecules must have sufficient energy to initiate the reaction (called activation energy).

The molecules must have the proper orientation.

When I read this I attempted to translate it to the video

We see the orbs collide at the end of the video

The thermal images have shown the orbs completing a full circle. Like a spinning top. Each one individually not around the plane but as an object themselves. maybe this is how they are creating the activation energy.

3.proper orientation- we see all three orbs align themselves to a “proper orientation” before collision.

Now this article says “The larger the sample, the greater the number of effective collisions, and the faster the rate of reaction.”

I just wonder if this could be applied to the video to explain what might be going on to create such an event?

Now I AM NOT a scientist nor a physicist or anything related. I find these subjects fascinating. My brain is just trying to find a way to explain the unexplainable. It may be totally unrelated and I may have pulled this theory out of context completely and for that if the case, I apologize.

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