If you are unfamiliar with the history, please read more here about the Celestial Phenomenon above Nuremberg in 1561

Picture of the printed illustration from April 14, 1561

Reading the story, we read about many eerily familiar things, but:

One of the most interesting objects described on the broadsheet of 1561, is the apparition of the massive black triangular object. It also mentions that it crashed just outside the city after the massive object appeared in the sky.

(Please read the broadsheet text here)

Now one thing what I find odd is how basically this print is the only remaining piece of evidence of this event. The rest was probably collected by the Holy Roman Empire and kept a secret by none other than the Vatican.

Ross said there is a crashed ship so big they had to build a building around it.

And there is a historical “evidence” here in “plain sight” about a downed BIG ASS BLACK TRIANGLE UAP in Nuremberg…

Now if there was a massive ship, the size of a football field, then maybe we gotta check on the big historical buildings on the outskirts of Nuremberg?


Guess who was obsessed with this city? The Nazis. Fucking Hitler had his grand rallies held there in a place called Dutzendteich where huge buildings were built.

Altars, Zeppelin Fields, Stadiums and a Congress Hall Quite a few of them as big as a football field or bigger…


Most information regarding the history of this site is missing, as if the Nazi history was a smokescreen…

I would bet my left nut that these lunatics who were obsessed with Alien and Occult tech were also hyper fixated on holding their grand parades on top of such remnants.

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