I’m someone who spent like 10+ years of my life smoking outside late at night up to like 3am. I’ve seen a ton of shooting stars. I saw a really odd one last night that I can’t stop thinking about.

I was driving south on I89 in VT a few miles before it meets I91 and crosses into NH. In the sky directly in front of me I saw a huge very thick shooting star going from left to right (east to west). It really stood out to me as odd because the like ‘line’ it drew across the sky was significantly thicker than what I’m used to with shooting stars. Maybe 2-3x bigger. No one could have missed it if even if they weren’t looking at the sky directly it was huge. It was also clearly orange and not the typical whitish yellow. And it also seemed to ‘break apart’ at the end in that the end of line wasn’t a single point but a bunch of like ‘bits’ breaking up as it faded away. It’s what I imagine something coming into our atmosphere and breaking apart on entry would look like. Is that what i saw? Space junk or a meteor that broke apart? I did check and there are 3 current meteor showers. But again it was different that the ones I’ve normally seen.

Anyone else in Northern New England happen to see it? It also came about an hour after I was chatting with some friends about UFOs while looking up at the sky so that was a bit spooky lol.

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