This is me simply thinking out loud as I’ve not gathered the links and resources I honestly should have to appropriate the topic as worthy.

That said, the reason I am being lazy in that regard is because there are an abundance of sources readily accessible (Google and YouTube is literally as far as one need to go on this one) to find a plethora of compelling notions regarding crop circles, the hoaxing drama and then of course their potential reality.

Amidst some of the more interesting points I’ve seen though….

Not just the plants above ground but their root systems and growth to follow seems majorly impacted in “real” instances of circles.

Other anomaly, including time distortions have been supposedly clocked by researchers. That is, a comparative differential between clocks tracking time simultaneously inside send outside the circles had been noted by UK researchers… the documentary I saw this mentioned was on the YouTube channel “retold” and was basically just another paranormal/sightings time program (hence my use of the word “supposedly” ad again, I’m not saying for sure I know that the info is valid, just that it exists)

Microwave radiation can be detected in authentic circles. This alongside their other defining characteristics seem deeply improbable (to me) to be managed consistently, hoax to hoax, if indeed there was nothing to it.

So my big question here is, shouldn’t we be looking at these things really critically now? As far as evidence goes that is public domain, we’ve got zip and yet, we have these and they haven’t exactly been making headlines like I’d expect following the 26th.

What are the general thoughts on this topic?

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