The Netherlands

**Date of sighting:**


**Time of sighting:**

00.30 AM

**Duration of sighting:**

30 minutes

**Number of witnesses:**

2, me and my partner

**Descripton of sighting:**

From 00.30 AM to around 1 AM, my partner and I have observed lights moving above/ within the clouds that at first hand were thought to be a result of sky beams. In the short video (I apologise for the grotesque watermark, but I am by no means a video editor) you can see (very pixelated) lights move across the clouds. The original video is 3 minutes of these lights moving (without any clear pattern) but it’s so dark, it does not do the actual sighting justice.

They were oval-shaped lights, clear in the cloudy night-sky and seemed to fly around smoothly, without any clear pattern. Sometimes they lingered at a spot. There were around 4 of them.

Has anyone else seen something similar? If so; did you figure out what you’ve seen?

There were no parties or festivals going on in our vicinity, that we are aware of.

I would also like to link the Dutch ufo reporting website, where you can see that on the 12th of August, there were multiple sightings of lights moving above the clouds around Utrecht.

PS. If there is interest in the full video, I will happily post it.


Snippet of the video, grey-scale.

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