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Since all of this is coming out recently I feel safe to finally share what I saw from 2016 to 2019 in oberland, Switzerland.

I used to live in a small village where we had the population of about 7000 people. I was around 15 years old when I began getting interested in hidden things and politics. At that time my main focus was into the ww2 along with some occult subjects that I was reading into. On a sunny day I came home from school and after eating lunch I stared outside and saw a steel-like sphere in front of our tree in our garden, about 4 meters away and 3 meters high. I wasn’t a believer of ufos or aliens back then. I simply had no interest in it. I stared at it for about 10 seconds contemplating whether I should go grad my digital camera or not. After a while I decided to risk it and go grab it, when I came back it was still there. As I turned the camera on and pointed at it … it slowly faded away. It stayed stationary and just reflected what was behind it, it seemed.

(I was a kid so no I didn’t dare to go outside that time and that close)

This was the start to other things… I began seeing things often outside the windows of our house. Red spheres going up and down (never fully to the ground) fading away and coming back…. I would leave to go to school or later on to work and I would see red things in the dawn night sky (around 6 am) following me from my home to the closest train station.

Eventually I started seeing more of those things, it became a habit and I started to not really fear those things. I never thought of them as alien, in all honesty I thought they were military.

From single red spheres… I started seeing multiple that each had a particular distance from one another, mostly 3 lights forming a triangle shape, they never changed distance between eachother, it was like they were one big craft. If they were one craft you could say the size was of the size of 3 school buses put together sideways (and then you draw a triangle above those 3 buses)

And this is when I began sneaking out of my parents home at around 3 am to 6 am to go to a forest right in front of our house. There we have a huge grass field surrounded by mountains. I believed I could see more of them there. Winter 2017 was the best time to see them.

Soon after this I began seeing triangles… back then when I googled them to see if they had a name people called them TR 3Bs or Black triangles. Again I had no fear over these things up to certain points. Staring at them while they were stationary, that always freaked me out, it’s like you’re staring at a random person who keeps staring at you for over minutes… it just starts to feel off and creepy.

All of this happened in the course of 2 years. I kept seeing new crafts… I won’t mention all of them or else it will be too big of a post. I thought I was going crazy, so I began bringing people… friends… and they too claimed to see what I saw. Which gave me reassurance. But being 17 I honestly didn’t consider that it could be dangerous whether alien or not it was just fucking messed up.

One night I was researching into a topic, related to religion, it was around 2 am or 3 am. I was getting ready to sleep. And I just got this deep feeling to go upstairs and stare outside. So I went. My parents weren’t home this day. I went to their room stared out the window and saw a huge black triangle in the backyard. It was the same size of that one I mentioned earlier…. I could see the back where on the left it had a white and red light … on the right side it had a smaller red light… it kept Flickering red from right to left like the new car back blinkers, where the left blinker moves from right to left. The window was a bit cracked open so I heard from the silence a very low vvvvrrruuum…. I freaked out this time very badly and got off the window almost immediately honestly i didn’t bother to pick any phone or camera… I was pretty scared and locked all windows just to be sure. I didn’t look outside anymore and didn’t go to other windows to loon for other things… I felt something really off. Closed my room door and tried to sleep.

This continued with seeing these crafts but never this close again.

Again I seriously was concerned that I wasn’t doing okay psychologically. Didn’t matter if people around me saw it too… they reacted weirdly. All of them would see it and just in 10 seconds act as of it was normal. As if it wasn’t weird. This happened in particular with my family. Where I saw a black cube during holidays in Spain, pointed at it from the buffet room and they saw it only after 40 seconds… my dad commented “aliens” and my mom said nothing… literally 20 seconds after a silence they began talking about the weather.

(The photo in this post) Around september 2018, I was in this festival, country festival… I was leaving it and heading home. Until I came off in this shortcut and saw a triangle thing stop as I saw it. It just stood there… first time I saw it stagnant while I was outside… I was brave and decided to stare back and wait as long as I could. I stayed a good 5 min, tried not to blink as possible as I could. The thing didn’t move an inch. After those 5 min I felt again a fucking off feeling. Something telling me to run, to leave. If I extended any longer there would be consequences. So I left… and yes I left running. I kept staring back afraid it would follow me. It didn’t.

Now some interesting info to that field around my house… I didn’t know the backstory of that place until 2020.

One night I saw a weird oval steel shaped thing where the middle had multiple lights of different colors. It was around that field near a very small family holiday house.. it was trying to fly off but gravity seemed very off… it kept coming down and very close towards that house… when I stared it began Going more towards the bushes…

Next day I checked the area and saw no remainings….

That house was eventually abolished and rebuilt. Could be a coincidence, I have no evidence something happened there…

Back to the info about the field… the mountain which belongs to the field is called Horneggli and apparently during ww2 they had a bunker who was rumored to be of NATO underneath there. The bunker is real but it belonging to nato isn’t clear.

I thought this was very interesting. The private airport there was also used to be a military jet place… and now has a bunker of data underneath protected against prism and such…

But yeah this is my story … I stopped seeing them around late 2019… same time they installed a touristic sightseeing thing in the middle of that field.

I thought since it’s all coming out now… I dont sound like a maniac anymore… even though I feel very weird physically for posting this here. That photo is the only time i could photograph…. and honestly I don’t think I tried hard to get more pictures… I just got really used to the whole thing and wasn’t sure what I would get from trying when I wouldn’t have people thinking it happened anyways… I also felt a form of respect of not filming or photographing. However I still think it’s military. Not everything but alot of it.

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