A frequent rebuttal to the existence of UFOs is the lack of abundant, clear footage or photos.

Should it not be considered that smart phones would likely be simple to detect and control devices to the possible advanced civilizations? Anyone on Earth cab now order a device that scans for signals and will easily open garage doors, keycard access or even vehicles. Is it inconcievable that an advanced civ operating in a clandestìne manner would utilize advance jamming techniques to prevent high fidelity recordings?

I am just saying that if what we are dealing with is advanced adversarial intelligence, we can’t expect to easily detect their presence. Evidence standards need to be altered or capture methodologies adapted to the possibility they do not wish to be recorded.

Given that there is a preponderance of witness testimony, I think it makes sense to calibrate our expectations for what evidence is at present possible to collect. The best we may be allowed to get are blurry photos from a distance and radar tracks.

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