I was out with a friend last night at Pagan Hill in Natick Massachusetts to watch the sunset, we stayed for about an hour after it got dark to look at the stars for a bit. Around 8:45 we walked back to my car and started driving down the the hill. After only driving and 30 or so feet from where we parked we both noticed these glowing orbs in the sky moving very slowly, after sitting there watching them for about a minute or 2 I took out my phone and started recording them. I really wasn’t sure what to make of them, I’ve had maybe 5 sightings in my life but have never seen this many appear at a time and I’ve never been able to get this good of a video of them. Some would disappear and then others would start to show up, I think in total we saw 5-6 of them in the 5ish minutes we sat there. Just looking to see if anyone else saw these in MA last night and if there are any reasonable explanations for what they could be.

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