This was close to 20 so years ago, a group of friends and I wear all hanging out at schmul park (you can google map it it’s in SI.) it was around dusk and we looked up and we saw something that looked similar to a star- but the weird thing about it is it was very close in the sky. And it would disappear- then reappear on the other side of the sky- then disappear again- and reappear again somewhere completely different almost instantaneously. We all new it was something we had never seen before. We watched this happen for a few minutes- sometimes it would dissipate and reapper like I said- sometimes it would just zip across the sky faster then anything we had ever seen. Again after a few minutes of this these 2 or 3 big black helicopter seemingly came from nowhere- the ones with the double propeller blades. The light left and the helicopters promptly flew away as well. We all stood there stunned…circa 1999ish

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