Megathread links of the MH370 story that has taken over this sub the last eleven days–

Happened very quickly tonight, need to get this down and will update this post with links if folks are willing to provide them–

Original satellite dual-optic (please correct me if I’m mislabeling this) footage posted to YT under private account RegicideAnon on May 19, 2014–

Quickly want to say that Regicide defines the killing of a king/monarch, so this an Anonymous attempt to do some version of that.

According to his resume submitted and posted to the House Congressional record before the recent hearing, David Grusch is hired in Dec. 2013 as

The only other video published on this YT account is this closest encounter ever made public with a flying saucer–

As posted here, it sounds like the narration could very well be David Grusch based on us hearing his voice in the hearing and interview.

Somebody tries to clean up the audio in that narration, and it sounds like it could be Grusch, but IMO it’s pitch-shifted up, which is the easiest way to try and prevent voice identification. Very easy and prevalent in video testimony for at least forty years for helping to obscure witnesses.

It’s mentioned here that one of the two police reports about Grusch’s behavior was from 2014 as stated in the Intercept article by Ken Klippenstein

–A separate police report dated October 13, 2014, describes a similar incident: a 27-year-old male “threatening suicide” at a property that county records show was owned at the time by Grusch and his ex-wife, Kendall McMurray. That property has since been sold. The report notes that “he is violent” and “has access to a weapon.”

In Grusch’s hearing and in remarks made about him, there’s much about his patriotism, his PTSD from his time in Afghanistan, his seemingly-odd and direct and from-the-diaphram cannot-tell-a-lie delivery due to his autism (I’ve had a few friends diagnosed later in life and it made total sense).

So Grusch comes out of the Iraq War, has PTSD, at 27(?) is lead intelligence officer for the National Space Defense Center (not doubting it happened, but who the fuck that young gets appointed in that role? I grew up military and know full well how those things work.)

Sees the most unimaginable thing occur, the abduction/something of an airliner full of passengers, what ends up being the greatest modern mystery, captured by two different cameras by a drone, and for whatever reason–don’t want to infer on that right now–decides it’s important to screen-record (as is evident when watching the original post and the use of the cursor to keep the plane in frame as a larger screen/two screens is/are clearly being captured by recording software).

Imagine you’re that guy. You’ve just come out of a war and you’re fucked up. My dad was there three times and he knew he was fucked up. You’re twenty-fucking-seven and leading this operation for National Space Defense and you’re privy to the scariest thing you’ve ever seen. On top of whatever you’ve seen in the war. You’ve also seen the most up-close-and-personal dated footage of a flying saucer alongside a military aircraft.

You know the public should know but you can’t do anything about it in a bureaucratic sense.

And so you try to find another route.

Think about that desperation.

Think about the feeling of hopelessness.

Think about that sense of knowing people should know even though you know you might be killed over it.

Of making sure to bring up your wife in your Congressional testimony because you’ve possibly made a pact with her in case you are killed.

Maybe when we ask about Lue’s “somber” statements, it’s not merely about larger forces that we don’t know about.

What if it’s larger forces that we do know about that do not give one fuck about the rest of us. That they would rather let us suffer and die than give up the power they have. Because we all know that’s the big question now.

We should all be absolutely and righteously furious now.

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