We need to be discussing everything surrounding the recent hearings; David Grusch, Ryan Graves, David Fravor, Tim Burchett, Anna Luna, Ross Coulthart, etc. We have to keep pushing. If there are truly disinformation agents in this sub, they’re the ones trying to keep us focused on everything else but that. We are not going to be the ones who verify the legitimacy of a video that shows a commercial airliner being sucked out of the air and out of reality. Even if we did, who’s going to believe us? We don’t want to be the sub who harasses and doxes some random journalist just because they wrote an extremely lazy and disrespectful article. Please stay focused. Keep spreading the word about what is happening to all of your family and friends. Keep your eyes peeled on Congress, keep calling and writing to them. Watch the social media accounts of those who matter. Check your sources and stay focused! I really believe we can do this.

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