My husband and I were at the Hollywood Bowl for Bill Burr last night. It started out that my husband told me he saw something in the sky doing something similar to a figure 8 movement and then the light go out.

The first thing I thought was maybe a laser. Then I saw it myself. It was just in the sky, not in the path of the two bright spotlights that make the X.

So I kept looking occasionally, and I would see a light move around quickly, never in a straight line. It would appear and then disappear.

Towards the end of the show I looked up in the X, and I saw one, then two then four. They were just moving around in no type of real pattern. Then I saw one over to the right, and it went to join the other four.

I’ve seen posts about this previously happening at the Hollywood bowl and most people had explanations for what it couldn’t be.

A drone pilot saw this one time and said it wasn’t drones. Someone mentioned lasers, it there were not light trails. Someone mentioned bugs or bats, but someone said that would make no sense for seeing them when they weren’t in the spotlights. Also the light remained bright wherever it was in the crossbeams or not.

Did anyone else see this? As much as I love the idea of UFOs and do believe I’ve seen them before, I’m also totally open to a debunking when it’s applicable. Also I’ll note that we had all of our phones locked into yonder cases. Thanks for reading!

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