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If you’re aware of what’s going on in Peru and some areas of Brazil, there is absolute chaos from tribe members allegedly being attacked by Extraterrestials they call “pelacaras” (terryfingly enough this means “face peelers” in english and has very much to do with the NSFW linked videos below). The millitary has gotten involved and the government / millitary alledges themselves that these are mafia miners / farmers who are messing with them using drones although a lot of witness testimony by the terrified villagers is very specific and very strange. Alledging that they have circular shoes they use to “hover” above the ground with a long masks like likened to the green goblin from Raimis spiderman.

>18,573 views Aug 2, 2023Residents in Iquitos, Loreto region are living moments of panic and uncertainty. For some time now, they claim to have witnessed otherworldly beings they call pelacaras who, they say, attack them violently in the dark of night. They claim these beings tear at their faces with sharp weapons and fly in one-way lights accompanied by bloodcurdling screams. The level of terror has escalated to the point that young people like a teenage girl in the area managed to escape one of these alleged attacks, resulting in a small cut on her neck, a fact that was recorded in a video. These alleged apparitions are repeated daily, generating an atmosphere of fear among the inhabitants of the community, mainly in the Ikitu indigenous community of the Loreto province of Maynas.>THE DISAPPEARANCES WOULD BE A STRATEGY OF GROUPS LINKED TO ILLEGAL MINING.>However, local authorities have a different view of these terrifying events. They maintain that it could be a strategy of criminal groups linked to illegal mining and land trafficking. The objective would be to generate terror among the population in order to, through this fear, appropriate the land and to achieve this they would use drones and carry out random violent attacks. In response to the reports and chilling accounts, a combined team of the Police and the Peruvian Navy have arrived in the area to carry out a thorough inspection. It remains to be seen whether these are attacks by extraterrestrial beings or a devious strategy by criminal groups to spread fear.

I’m monitoring social media comms by people from the Alto Nanay area. Peruvian urbanites consider this a psyop by their government but the situation in the Amazon communities is of outright panic. Just this night the pelacaras killed 2 people in the Itaya river. The 16 yo girl who got her throat slashed has entered a state of psychiatric shock, acute stress disorder, and is cathatonic, refusing to speak.

Peruvian authorities insist this must be a shock-and-awe operation by a mining/drug/organ harvesting cartel, but there are strange happenings being reported by the locals. For instance, a tribe was attacked by a flying craft on the night of June 19th and 2 men died “instantaneously burned alive” by a “ray of light” fired by the ship.

WARNING: extremey disturbing:

Another angle/video – same event:

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