Well, first I would like to say that the official explanation was that the invaders are actually “illicit miners” who use jetpacks, which allow them to go up and down in the air. For God’s sake, is this really the official explanation? In Varginha’s case, the official explanation was that the three girls had actually seen a beggar roaming the streets. The population believed it and the case was forgotten for more than 25 years! Let’s stick to the facts: would illegal miners be 7ft (2.13 meters) and have jetpack technology to fly and disappear into thin air??? We are talking about Peru where the average man has a height of 5 feet 5 ( 165.23cm). The natives clearly said that the creatures disappeared when shot with a firearm (same report from Hopkinsville [Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter]) and that they looked like Spider-Man’s Goblin. Locals saw the creatures up close and categorically stated that they were out of this world, they described them as having large heads and yellowish eyes. And you’re going to buy the media narrative at this point? Wake up! I’m not a ufology fanatic and I know that most of the things that happen are hoaxes, but we can’t buy whatever explanation they give us. Don’t you remember how they in the media tried to present David Grusch as a fanatic? Don’t you remember they took the worst pictures of him to make him look like he was a lunatic? I am from Brazil and people in the countryside are seeing fireball lights in the sky and the local media is dismissing their case and giving any explanation and the people are buying it! Wake up!!!

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