In aryelbcn’s most recent post (which for some godforsaken reason was removed by mods), he focuses in on the pretty reasonable explanation that USA 184 (or NROL-22) did not film the satellite video, but rather relayed the data from one or two separate satellites. He also provided precedent that when relays like this happen, the image is usually stamped with the data relating to the name and location of the relay satellite, not the satellite(s) that took the photo/video.

It seems pretty likely that NROL-22 could very well have been in that location just north of the Nicobar Islands, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the plane was there. This actually lends some extra credence to the videos, because it means there’s no longer a contradiction – if we believe the plane itself went to that location, that would be in defiance of the WSPR data I talked about in a previous thread. But if the plane could have been elsewhere, it checks out a little better.

Of course, nobody in the community has looked at the WSPR data themselves (as far as I’m aware), and perhaps some digging might reveal the report is flawed and non-useful anyway.

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