Can we have a daily mega thread for the grusch stuff please? Things will come out when they come out, this just feels like people obsessing over 1 story/man all day even when nothing new has happened we’re seeing constant grusch related posts on this sub

I really appreciate what the mods do for this sub, I’ve been here long enough to know how hard they’re trying and how much stuff they have to handle, so don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not complaining, this is my request to the members and a feedback for the mods

Before the grusch stuff there would atleast be 1 or 2 interesting clips every other day, now I see nothing just grusch related stuff and it’s annoying

A daily mega thread would help start new convos on recent development on the small stuff, i don’t need to see what 50 different “UFO INFLUENCERS” have to say about grusch’ medical history or whatever

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