I thought it might be cool to have a thread where anyone who had an experience seeing something of anything really might like to share.

I’ll start

I grew up on Long Island and I. The late 90s — I’m thinking 1997-8, I was outside my house and it was evening, just after dusk and and I can remember it like it was yesterday — I was looking down my block and in the sky I see a glowing saucer moving really slow across the sky.

I yelled for my Dad and he came out and he watched it as it passed behind some trees. I told him to jump in the car and see if he can follow it, or see if it was a blimp or something while I waited to see if it came back

He left to see if he could follow it, and I waited

He returned, but didn’t have any luck seeing and we stood in the street sorta laughing and dumbfounded at what we saw. It wasn’t scary or anything it’s was kinda awesome.

I must have been 18 or so and it’s one of those memories that juts stayed with me — funny thing I called my dad a few weeks ago ( I had told my wife this story ) to see if he remembered it like I did. And sure enough he did.

What’s anyone else experienced?

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