A month ago, I posted the first two parts of my research into the UAP crash retrieval program based on clues from David Grusch.

In Part 1, I concluded that the craft retrieval and coverup program is most likely being coordinated by the CIA’s Special Activities Center (SAC), which is the direct descendent of the OSS paramilitary unit and the most secretive special operations force in the United States.

In Part 2, I concluded that the research and development operation is compartmentalized between the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and defense contractors, and included specific labs and groups that may be involved.

Now, I think I may have identified who has actually been leading all of this during the last ~70 years

TL;DR – The first leader of the group controlling the UFO secret was former Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles; the second was former president George H. W. Bush; the leadership vacuum left after Bush’s death allowed the opening for the current Disclosure push.

First, let’s look at the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) – created during WWII to coordinate the US’s intelligence operations, they were dissolved at the end of WWII and their intelligence and espionage operations evolved into what is now the CIA. The direct descendant of the paramilitary component of the OSS is the CIA Special Activities Center.

In the News Nation interview with David Grusch, he said the only retrieval operation he was authorized to discuss was the craft retrieval from Italy in 1944-1945. He said this was performed by the OSS. I believe the reason he was allowed to discuss this case is because it was the only one NOT performed by the current operation since the OSS is defunct. So it would appear that the OSS set the protocol for non-human craft retrievals and this protocol was carried into the SAC (see “Part 1” post for more details).

Now, let’s look at Allen Dulles. He was the 5th Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) and is the longest serving DCI (or DNI) in the position’s history. Dulles is considered one of the essential creators of the modern United States intelligence system and exacerbated the problem of the US Intelligence Community’s freedom from independent review, the very issue that has led to our current lack of congressional oversight on the military and intelligence communities’ activities with UAP.

But what does Dulles have to do with UFOs? Well… he may have helped retrieve the first one in Italy since he was the one who negotiated the surrender of the Nazi forces in northern Italy in 1945.

Dulles was in the OSS during WWII. Italy had surrendered to the Allies in 1943, but Nazis remained in the country. The Allies launched an offensive on the Nazis in northern Italy in early 1945. However, the Nazis in northern Italy ended up surrendering after secret negotiations led by Dulles in Operation Sunrise. Dulles was heavily criticized for the terms he set in the surrender, though, since he agreed to protect a Nazi SS General from prosecution at the Nuremburg Trials. The negotiations were seemingly made at Dulles’ discretion, as President Roosevelt denied knowledge of any negotiations and it even led to an early episode of Cold War tension.

So the Nazis were in northern Italy, where the craft had crashed and was seemingly still located (the Magenta UFO story suggests the craft was stored close to the crash site). And OSS Agent Dulles made a controversial negotiation for a Nazi surrender in the territory, despite their forces being on the defense from Allied forces. If the OSS was truly able to retrieve a craft from northern Italy around 1945, Dulles was chiefly responsible for clearly the way for them to get in and grab it and went to a dangerous length to ensure that.

By the 1950’s, the CIA was formed and the US had at least one nonhuman craft in their possession. I don’t know how long it took for the US to begin research and development on the craft(s), but it probably took some time after recovering from WWII and restructuring the US intelligence and defense communities in the National Security Act of 1947. But this also allowed the parties involved in the retrieval/coverup and R&D operations to organize everything in such away that the programs would remain well hidden.

Dulles rose through the ranks of the new intelligence community and became the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) in 1953. From this level of authority and influence, he would have been able to lead these programs very effectively. It would be crucial to have a leader with a lot of power for this program to make any real progress and maintain its secrecy.

I would guess that each DCI was typically well informed of the UFO operations, considering 4 of the 19 people to hold the position during it’s existence were former OSS and it was the top intelligence position in the US during its existence. However, I think Dulles emerged as a special type of leader that was a champion of these secret programs independent of his DCI position, and his intel position granted him the authority necessary to lead the UFO operations.

But then, Dulles died in 1969, leaving a leadership vacuum. Interestingly enough, there was a surge of UFO sightings in the US in the early 1970s. I could imagine this was the coverup operation slipping up due the lack of direction from leadership instead of an actual increase in UFO activity.

But eventually, the next leader of the UFO operations would emerge: George H. W. Bush. A former Navy pilot in WWII, Bush would himself become the DCI in 1976. While I don’t have as much evidence for Bush as I did for Dulles, I get the impression that each DCI was read-in to the UFO programs and it does seem rather interesting that he would go on to become the Vice President and then President after his tenure as DCI. He is also the only CIA leader that has ever become president. If he was read-in on the scope of these UFO operations due to his intelligence position, then it seems entirely plausible that he picked up Dulles’ leadership role within the UFO sphere and pushed its authority even higher by becoming VP and eventually president.

Also, the timing of his death is worth noting.

Remember the UFO surge in the 1970s I mentioned? Well, if Bush remained as the secret leadership of the UFO sphere until his death or right before it, that means there could have been an ensuing leadership vacuum, and the coverup operations get sloppy until a new leader can take over. The NYT published the “Glowing Auras” article in 2017 and Bush died in 2018 at the age of 94. Anticipating his death, Mellon and Elizondo made their move and initiated the Disclosure push that is continuing to this day.

Today, we are seeing significant pushback from the intelligence community now that Grusch has gone public. We are seeing tensions arise between Congress and the intelligence/defense communities. It’s been 5 years since Bush’s death, so it is entirely possible that a new leader has stepped up. Who could it be?

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