I keep seeing it posted or commented here that the tictac came flying in from 80 thousand feet, while that’s true it’s not the full picture. I think it’s important for us to keep in mind that these UAP are being tracked with systems that aren’t perfect or omnipresent. The cross sectional size of the object allowed radar contact at around 80,000 feet (with the radar system that was used according to Fravor). This does not take into account what happened above the point of tracking. For all we know it could have zipped in from lightyears away. Did we see an object come from it’s waiting point at 85 thousand feet (only to see it when it got within range) down to the water UAP? Or, did we see a UAP come flying in from millions of miles away to regroup with the water UAP and we began tracking it once it was within range?

We have to keep in mind that a lot of our information isn’t the full picture. It’s not remotely close to the full picture. The scene before and after are just as crucial and we don’t have that data.

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