FYI this is just a crazy theory so calm your pants in the comments.

I’ve been seeing nothing but MH370 posts on this subreddit and TBH I haven’t really been paying much attention, but something crazy crossed my mind, as I was thinking about what Grusch said regarding TPTB having agreements with NHI, and the general talk regarding a timer or countdown that’s been set on official disclosure.

Hypothetically, if the MH370 was hijacked by UFOs/NHI, then it might have been done so as an insurance policy, just in case TPTB don’t hold their end of the agreement and reveal NHI’s to the rest of humanity by a certain date. If we take that date of the disappearance of flight MH370, which was the 8 March 2014 and add 10 years, then we get the 8th March 2024, and this my friends is when this countdown or timer set by NHI for disclosure to the masses might end.

I mean imagine the scenes all around the world if MH370 landed on the tarmac safely with all passengers safe and alive after 10 years of being missing. This would be the biggest middle finger from the NHI to the TPTB, as it would easily be the largest anomaly to ever occur in human history. An event of this magnitude would force official disclosure, as no current scientific logic or theory would be able to explain how something like this would be able to occur.

There’s many movies and TV series that deal with a very similar scenario, and perhaps the NHI have taken what humans would consider on of the most anomalous scenarios in their fiction, and turned into a reality, just in case TPTB don’t hold their end of any agreements regarding disclosure.

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