Unfortunatelly, in the planet we live in everything starts and ends with money.

Its all about money.

Every interest is rooted by money.

I believe that all this latest UFO show is no different.

As an avid researcher of the topic for years, Ive seen most of the available material on the subject. And my belief is that yes, we have been visited by what we humans call UFOs.

But, my conclusion is not derrived from what is going on right now.

My conclusion is based mostly on stuff from either ancient times (rock paintings and other paintings) or specific incidents like Ariel school.

What we are seeing right now is orchestrated and has absolutely nothing to do with disclosure.

It has all to do with the military industrial complex.

The following will also answer the popular question “Why is it that only the usa is so active?”

The direct spending of the US Department of Defence on the Iraq war totaled at least $757.8 billion:


The war in Afghanistan cost the US $300 million PER DAY for 20 years:


That is how money is made, big money.

As Tim Burchet said, “…the war pigs…”.

Now, here is a fact:

The world we live in today does not accomodate wars like that of Iraq and Afghanistan anymore.

And, from $300 million a day for 20 years or $757.8 billion (between 2003 and 2010, Irak war) to zero, represens a big problem to a lot of people.

And of course, how do you solve such problem?

The solution is called US Space Force.

I want to put a bit of perspective to this:

NASA’s budget for 2022 was $20.04 billion:


Now, NASA was established in 1958.

The US Space Force was established in December 2019.

Yet, the US Space Force budget request for 2024 was $30 billion:


Now, 2 things to consider:

How did all this show started?

By the pentagon confirming the UFO video as being authentic.

What has taken it to the next phase?

The whistleblower.

Regarding #1:

What these pilots saw, the radars captured, etc is not evidence of UFOs. Its evidence of some tech that most people just dont understand.

It reminds me of when you watch a professional magician doing a trick and you can swear on your life the guy has some super power.

Regarding the whistleblower, David Grusch

What I am about to say now is in no way to disrespect him. I served 3 years in the army (not US) and believe me, I am VERY sensitve to people who serve their country.

But, I also undetstand how the intelligence community works, and the extent it will go to achieve an objective.

The extent an operative will go to create a cover story is a thing of fiction to most people. Just as an example, in order to understand this concept, you may want to learn about Eli Cohen (a mossad operative):


Of course, Eli Cohen was a spy working on enemy soil. But, you get the point.

Why isnt it plausable Mr. Grusch actually works for the intelligence community? The story that has been presented to us by him makes him a hero for the American citizen, a perfect cover. Couldnt be more perfect.

Not saying he is. But, definetly not an absurdity when considering 100’s of billions of dollars are at stake.

To finish:

I dont know if the US government is in posession of UFOs, or what evidence they have gathered.

I do believe that we will see none, either way.

And on a more personal note, I believe it is very presumptuous from us humans to think that the US government is or will ever be in control of disclosure. We are just so used to seeing the US government as this superpower that subconsciously it makes sense that they are in control of all this. But, anyone who can travel light years in a few hours, is the one in control.

If im reading well between the lines, the government knows UFOs exist, but they dont know what is going on.

They do know though, that its a platform to create a new reality that could feed the dying imcome stream of the industrial military complex.

Will be very interesting to see what the budget request for 2025 for the US Space Force will be.

Could confirm a lot of things.

Edit: Forgot to mention- the Iraq invesion was based on them having weapons of mass destruction. Correct me if I am wrong, but none were ever found. Maybe history repeating itself to an extent?

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