So, I was just out eating at a restaurant and a couple tables over there was a group of women eating and discussing Israel and the end of times (I know, right). Anyways, one of the ladies was cracking crab legs all over the table and blabbing on and on about every conspiracy theory you could think of (Jews changing the weather, Christians writing a new version of the bible, the US/Israel creating a new world order, when Jesus comes he is going to burn them all – crazy shit). I was there for 30 minutes and she was talking for seemingly 30 minutes straight. The other five women at the table kept nodding and agreeing with everything being said.

With that said, I was just wondering how disclosure would effect these people. Imagine if it comes out that any number of alien conspiracies are true (aliens created religion/gods, Jesus was a Nord, there is no conventional concept of heaven with winged angels and a man in a white robe in the sky). These people fully expect to be walking with Jesus in the afterlife. We are talking about 3 in 4 Americans (as of 2021).

Just observing this subreddit, it appears that part of the consensus is that heads of religious groups will just move the goalpost to include aliens. But what about the people in the congregations that have been eating up the dogma and the scripture from since they were a child? I don’t think we have an idea of just how mind-melting irrefutable evidence will be for many. It’s mind-melting for me – and I’ve seen a UFO myself.

I foresee a near-future where there is a run on anything of value – people pulling money out of banks/investments, creating an in-home arsenal of weapons, state of emergency caused by civil unrest, opportunistic military attacks on smaller nations, etc.

As slow as disclosure is going, it may be completely necessary, and I am perfectly ok with it taking another couple years. We are NOT going to be okay when that first image of a grey hits mainstream media.

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