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I just wanna say that these last few days have been amazing read on the whole analysis of the missing MH370 plane. Whether you believe that the footage is real and there’s something to it,or it’s a total hoax I think the cooperation on dissecting the video should be the model on going forward for other videos that we stumble across. I feel that we as a community missed many compelling cases because posts are just cut at the root when posted by people with ill intentions and most never get a chance to see it. Let’s just remind ourselves that we totally wrote off so called Gimbal/Gofast footage in 2007 because of debunkers. Do we need some videos debunked? Yes we do, but not by people that don’t have qualifications behind them to do so. We need actual sceptics with scientific background. Let’s not give these people that have their mind already made up our time anymore,they should be irrelevant for the topic. If your background is a video game developer ,you shouldn’t have a say against a pilot who’s trusted enough to fly a 60 million dollar airplane.

There’s more “us” than “them” folks , sub is numbering 1.4 million people and it’s growing. Numbers are on our sides , check with who you’re arguing before spending energy on them. It’s only few clicks to check the post history, karma etc. Sock puppets aren’t that hard to spot,they follow a specific pattern.Let’s help each other and point at the suspicious ones to each other and to the mods.

Let’s keep this rolling!


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