There have been a couple posts that briefly go over what I am about to say, and theyre all wrong. In fact, its absurd to me that this smoking gun has been straight in our face this whole time, and people have dismissed it for equally absurd evidence.

I’m on mobile so idk how to input the pictures into the text or I would. Eitherway lets get into it.

Using very mild critical thinking skills, you can very clearly see that FLIR camera in the MH370 video is BEHIND the leading edge of the wing.( Ignore the red circles, I took the picture from a different post) Which is incredibly concerning because all the FLIR pods I have seen are always ahead of the leading edge. The second picture was used in another post as evidence in favor of the conclusion that the drone taking this was an MQ-1C reaper drone and from an extra FLIR pod.

BUT, its not evidence AT ALL, it literally shows the pods are ahead of the wing??? Making it literally impossible to see the wing unless looking far up and far left/right. This is by design too, these systems would want maximum visibility. And having the wing and what seems to be a pitot tube,( not the front of the drone as circled), taking up a large portion of vision when looking basically straight forward is terrible design. Especially when its very easy to have the mounts extend to the leading edge.

How did we miss this? I hope someone will be able to find a plane that would have a FLIR pod that’s this far setback behind the leading edge of the wing.

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