Something I’ve seen in discussions around these videos is around the heat signature of the pitot tube:

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This has been used as evidence (for example in this video as well as this post) that the platform recording the video is some flavor of MQ-1. However, the video I linked above shows a mirrored version of that uploaded by RegicideAnon. In this mirrored version the pitot tube is in the correct place for a MQ-1, on the left side of the fuselage. In the Regicide video it’s shown on the right side, which is incorrect. There is a NACA duct on the right side of the fuselage on some MQ-1 models, but as a passive air intake it’s something that wouldn’t generate a heat signature.

Further, in the satellite video you can see that before the three orbs approach, the aircraft is in a left-hand bank/turn. This matches the beginning of the thermal video with the incorrect pitot tube placement, but not the mirrored version I linked earlier. Clearly the satellite footage isn’t mirrored otherwise the alphanumeric characters at the bottom would be reversed, so we have to assume that the aircraft filmed was indeed in a left-hand turn meaning this footage can only match the thermal imaging footage where the camera is under the right wing, with improper placement of the pitot tube.

I’m interested in your feedback. Is there a MQ-1 or some other model UAV that has a heated pitot tube on the right side of the fuselage? Has anyone addressed the mirrored versions of the thermal/IR footage?

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