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SUBMISSION STATEMENT: this article adds to the already acknowledged psychic blog predictions by adding that a lot of psychics see MH370 going into a black hole.

I also thought it interesting because MSM.

A quote from the article:
“Whether it was hijacking or terrorism or mechanical failure or pilot error, but what if it was something fully that we don’t really understand? A lot of people have been asking about that, about black holes and on and on and on and all of these conspiracy theories. Let’s look at this. Noha said, ‘What else can you think? Black hole? Bermuda triangle?’ And then Deji says, ‘Just like the movie ‘Lost.” “And of course, it’s also — they’re also referencing ‘The Twilight Zone,’ which has a very similar plot. That’s what people are saying. I know it’s preposterous, but is it preposterous?”

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