Let’s be clear here, David Grusch is an absolute hero, and leaking his medical records is an absolute disgrace. However, I essentially think that he has been played.

What did I mean by that?

He is the chosen one. The DOD planned this disclosure all along, and they needed someone to do the job. They chose basically the most credible guy they could get – a man who has the right mindset, someone who would leak everything for the greater good. A man with the proper clearance, so they can let him access the important information. A man with utmost respect within the intelligence community, in order to have an impact.

David Grusch is unknowingly a piece on a chessboard.

So why would the DOD want to discredit him if he is the chosen one?

They are playing 4D chess with us, guys. The DOD saw that Grusch didn’t get the media engagement they wanted after the hearing, so they decided to discredit him to make him even more believable.

Why would the DOD stand against disclosure if their goal is disclosure?

This makes them more believable, making their strategy more bulletproof. How odd would it be if the DOD simply cooperated and said, “Hi, aliens.”

Why would the DOD want disclosure in the first place? I think many factors are in play here:

There are many factions within the DOD. One faction is basically against disclosure, while the other one wants it and there are also many factions in between. They have fought a bureaucratic war for many years, and the faction favoring disclosure has gained the upper hand in the DOD. Military personnel that are frustrated with the UAP situation. Things getting out of control. Remember that the military encounters UAPs on a daily basis. Technological breakthroughs. They may have recently had a breakthrough in reverse engineering those crafts. With technology improving exponentially, they simply can’t hide it any longer.

Even if all of this is nonsense, which is not unlikely, one can’t simply deny that things seem to be playing out in a way that appears planned all along.

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