I posted this as a comment to a popular post where the OP said they were having trouble dealing with the recent disclosure news. As someone who went through this whole process a few years ago I thought I would share some tips for anyone who is having trouble coping.

The reaction you are going through is called ontological shock, it is a normal response tor anyone who actually thinks (note: the majority of people do not actually think). You will go through 5 stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Once you get to acceptance you will be OK. It is a process, not a moment. Here is a few tips and thoughts from someone who has been through this:

⁠Your main shock is not due to the existence of Non Human Intelligence, it is due to the realisation that everything you have been taught is not true and that our authorities have lied to us for our whole lives

⁠DO NOT TRY TO DRAG OTHERS INTO THIS. They are not ready psychologically. Try to find like minded people to discuss this with. There are countless groups on Facebook, Twitter and here on Reddit which discuss these things. Normal people are stuck in the blue pill/ denial stage of the process. If you try to drag them into your thinking patterns they will get extremely angry at you

⁠If you do not already meditate then start. This should be step 1 due to its importance. You have to find mental peace. If you find meditation difficult then consider paying a few bucks per month for the Monroe Institute app called “Expand”. It has audio which you can use for many purposes. If you can’t afford that then look up “binaural beats” on YouTube. You will need earphones or headphones

⁠Stay grounded. Go for walks in nature. Listen to relaxing music, hang out with friends and family (and DONT talk to them about this). Life will go on as normal so don’t get left out. Eat clean and do some exercise

⁠Learn about other aspects of the Phenomena and forget about aliens. Read books you find in the new age section of a book shop or the self help section. Take care of yourself mentally

⁠Just chill. The world is going to keep on spinning. You will be just fine

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