So this was about years ago now, about this time of year (mid august). I was a rising junior in high school. It was one of my first “hookups”. Without getting into too much detail she was older than me and about to head off to college. she was also a friend of mines ex. Haven’t talked to her since that summer. But I think about asking her if she remembers all the time. Then I think about how crazy I might seem if I did. Our friend found out and it all became pretty awkward.

This was on Hilton Head Island, SC. Just north of Savannah, GA. We had walked down on the beach and found a Hobie Cat (small sailboat you see pulled up on the beach). We were sitting on the trampoline of this catamaran enjoying each others company for sometime. After a while we ended up just talking and looking out over the ocean and at the stars. There was less than a half of a moon directly overhead and clear. Out over the ocean far in the distance there was some big clouds that flashed periodically with heat lightning. There are container ships in the distance, lined up going into the port of Savannah. These things are enormous. But when you see them from the beach on Hilton Head, as they are lined up in the channel headed into port. You can cover the bow and stern lights (the entire length of the ship) with your thumb.

As I looked out towards the ships lined up, watching the clouds flash every once and a while. I began to notice something in the cloud that looked like a star but just a little brighter and about the color of mars, Kind of redish white. Then I noticed two more. At this point I didn’t realize what I was seeing. It wasn’t until the cloud flashed I could see the shadow. Each of the redish lights was a point of a massive triangle. Every hair on my body stood up and I totally forgot about whatever we were talking and laughing about at the time. The girl I was with said “what’s wrong, you look like you’ve seen a ghost”. I told her to look at the cloud until it flashes again. I could still see the three lights so I knew it was there. It felt like forever but the cloud flashed and she with out looking at me says “what is that?”. We were both pretty freaked out but we waited and saw its shadow two more time before the three lights faded away. It didn’t move (noticeably) and it didn’t just “poof” disappear each of the three lights faded and not exactly in synchronized fashion. It was there for about 2-3 minuets maybe. The heat lightning flashes were probably 45ish seconds between.

I’m not a trained observer and I don’t know exactly how far out it was. But the clouds were out wayyyy (probably miles) past the ships that are close to 1000 feet long and this triangle looked like it was only a little bit smaller than Tybee Island in the distance.

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