If we consider the existence of a parallel or divergent Earthly civilization, whether subaquatic or subterranean, it could help explain the advanced technology and maneuvers attributed to UAPs.

Such a civilization might have evolved under entirely different conditions, leading to unique scientific and technological developments and societal structures.

Resource Accessibility: A subaquatic civilization, for instance, might have access to underwater resources and energy forms that are vastly different from those available on the surface. This could lead to the development of unconventional propulsion systems and energy sources that enable the creation of UAP-like objects. Environmental Concealment: Being hidden from human detection might be plausible if this civilization has evolved in a remote and difficult-to-access environment, whether underwater or beneath the Earth’s surface. Such concealment could explain their limited interaction with surface humans. Diverse UAP Characteristics: The reported diversity of UAP characteristics could stem from different factions or groups within the divergent civilization. Just as human societies have various technological levels and objectives, so too could this parallel civilization, leading to a range of observed UAP behaviors. Interaction with Surface Humanity: If this civilization is aware of surface humanity, their intermittent and seemingly purposeful interactions might be driven by specific motives, such as observation, study, or even diplomatic intent. Cultural and Technological Development: The subaquatic or subterranean civilization might have advanced in ways that emphasize different principles of physics, energy, and propulsion. Their unique development path could explain why their technology appears exotic and unexplainable to human observers.

This is speculation, of course. But consider the principle of Occam’s Razor: Which explanation requires fewer presumptions?

Another intelligent technological species exists on Earth unbeknownst to (most of) humanity?
An intelligent technological species has traversed light years of space regularly for at least decades and occasionally crashes their ships here?

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