UAP’S Visits: Earth Is Unique Because of Moon

Hypothesis is that the Earth/Moon system are very unusual and worthy of interest.

Proto Earth and a smaller planet collided to form out current Earth/Moon system. This system is likely very rare in the universe and may have caused life to evolve in unique ways. Conversely any NHI may have evolved from a very different process and thus be exceedingly different from Earthly biological development.

Interesting things about the Earth/Moon System

Due to the collision the resultant Earth stripped away heavier elements from the impact or. Earth has more iron and Moon is missing some elements.

The early tidal surges encouraged geologic activity enhancing the atmosphere.

Later when a atmosphere and water appeared water washing over hot rocks every few hours was a good chemistry for the creation of RNA/DNA and could have kick started life.

Lunar tidal surges continue to pull on the mantel keeping it fluid and a healthy magnetoshpere. Shielding us from solar winds.

Moonnstabilizes Earth’s spin which helps assure moderate climatic variations which otherwise would make Earth hostile to extended development. Maybe or maybe not, a discussion.,Earth%27s%20orbit%20around%20the%20sun.

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