Unless aliens are attentive to modern design this is a tell tale sign we humans are responsible for these objects and the stories around them. Any most recent photos they are streamlined just like any of our current machines. Roswell was and is aligned with one of the runways of “area 51” and during those times they where testing different aircraft that looked very odd for the times on that precise location, and what reportedly crashed was exactly like some of the test craft they were developing. The government never had to divulge kownledge on alien information because there isn’t any and never has been, nor would they talk about their secret technology, but now the tides are turning and there has to be a catch. They are really pointing to outside visitations. This most recent hearing is off imo and I’m wondering why these people are speaking out in the manner they do. Respected professionals that want to get to the bottom of what’s happening but no one said aliens, and non human biologics does not mean aliens! India is currently on the moon and no one is talking about it. The entire alien ufo concept is condensed in the USA. Could America desire space authority???

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