Location: Upstate, NY– Granville, NY

Date of sighting: 4/1/2024

Time of sighting: 9pm EST

Duration of sighting: 10-15 mins

Number of witnesses: 2

Description of sighting:

Last night at around 9pm EST I noticed some lights out my backdoor and thought they were brake lights. I live very much in a country setting. The lights were lighting up in a sequence back and forth and were too far away from each other to be one plane, and it was too large and low to be a plane.
I couldn’t get a picture but I made this rendering to show what I saw. It was completely silent and was hovering in the air with a weightlessness that can’t accurately be described other than a floating balloon-like object, but it was very much in control. It wasn’t going up and down or anything, it was on an angle and hovering in silence with two red lights that were blinking in sequence.
I noticed the object begin to hover away it left slowly but disappeared quickly, almost vanishing. I hurried and grabbed my coat and ran outside and down the road in the direction it traveled but it was completely gone.
My rendering is pretty accurate. There were two lights. I could completely make out the shape of the object, but it was almost as if it were slightly covered by fog or clouds. Like it had some sort of stealth camouflage or something. When I saw it, I wasn’t scared but more curious than anything.
We live just near my father in laws farm so it makes me wonder if it was investigating cows or something? I truly have no idea.
Has anyone ever seen an object like this? It was pretty large in size and very low to the ground, it wasn’t out in “space.” It was very much in our atmosphere and LOW.
I can’t get over the dead silence of this thing. I can’t get over the floating of it and how it moved. Extremely odd. I’ve always been someone that sort of believed in Alien UFO’s but extremely skeptical…now I don’t know what to think.


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