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Most people on here already know about the recent series of incidents in Peru where “7ft tall humanoids” were observed terrorizing villagers near the Peruvian region of Alto Nanay deep in the Amazon.

The main incidents occurred in San Antonio de Pintuyacu, (around 20 miles from Iquitos and within the Alto Nanay district of the Peruvian Amazon region) and this is footage obtained from a villager of one of the objects descending:

Community Leader, Jairo Reategui, stated these beings were totally silent. This is incompatible with the jetpack scenario (and also drones):

This is the girl that was attacked by the beings and dragged 150ft:

The incident is now being officially acknowledged as indeed having occurred, but being blamed by officials on “gold miner gangs using jetpacks”

Keep in mind that the average height of a male in Peru is 5’5”, and one jetpack costs around $400,000:,purchase%20for%20a%20hefty%20sum&text=Iron%20Man%2Dstyle%20jetpacks%20are,have%20about%20%24400%2C000%20to%20spend.

Consistent usage of a series of jetpacks over Amazonian terrain is also nearly impossible. Dense jungle, intermittent torrential rainfall, and high temperatures would make usage prohibitive even if you had a few million dollars worth of jetpacks and jetpack maintenance equipment.

We’re also expected to believe these 7ft tall flying gold miners are immune to bullets, and presumably were wearing durable Teflon vests during these flights.

Now this all sounds implausible, especially since the area is mostly traversed by river, using the river as a highway and instead of cars they use speedboats.

Also note, if there were “flying gold miners”, let’s hear how they’re able to effortlessly navigate above the Amazon AT NIGHT, to and from launchpads that would have to be located ON A RIVER (the miners would have had to enter and exit the tribes’ territories via river) , to pinpoint and assault villagers WHILE FLYING. Any explanations?

Cartels that intimidate and terrorize local villages have always done so by conventional methods, using the rivers to access the villages and cartel members wielding weapons to intimidate the villagers. They don’t need a few million dollars worth of jetpacks to do this, nor do they need extremely complicated logistics just to scare local villagers.

It’s interesting to note that US troops were in the area prior to the main incidents occurring:

US Space Command is/was also present under Operation HARPY SUR:

Notably, more US troops have entered the area with Brazilian forces, and the US troops are expected to stay until December:

The region is rich in minerals, oil, and precious metals, making it of strategic economic importance for US companies/oligarchs and their local proxy front companies.

What are your thoughts on all of this?

Keep in mind another identical incident was also recorded in the town of Pucallpa Peru on 8/3/23, around 300+ miles away from the aforementioned series of incidents:[ ] [].

Continuation of the incidents near Pucallpa where UFO fired a beam at Professor Silas Soto:

Another Pucallpa incident where a UFO fired a laser and someone was injured:

This is a radio host stating that residents from the district of Alto Nanay have stated this has been an ongoing thing:

Villagers explaining to Peruvian federal police about the incidents:

This is a community leader stating that the beings appear floating on a plate like object:

Identical incidents happened in 2014 in Brazil to the Ashaninka tribe in Kampa Do Rio Amonea. This is around 100 miles southeast of Pucallpa. Here is their testimony of the events:

Identical events also happened in 1977 in Brazil, this is a newspaper describing part of it:

Continuation of the incidents in Brazil:

This is a video from 9 years ago in Pucallpa where villagers described witnessing UFOs:

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