It’s no secret that most of the world does not pay much attention to the alien topic. The insanity of it captivates people just as much as it makes them afraid. With the congressional hearing + MH370, our community has been armed with ammunition against people who shut down such ideas. We have credible claims along with decent evidence. However, as I’m sure you’ve come to realize, it doesn’t change anything. People still watch that video and discredit it simply due to its fantastical elements.

I think we need to realize where people’s hearts are in todays society. Money. What are we spending on, what are we earning, where is my money going? That’s the question I think we should be pushing the hardest. Anyone who doesn’t care about aliens asks the same question, “how does it affect my life?” David Grusch claimed that these funds are being misappropriated. All of our money is going into programs that we have no idea about. All of these programs have a paper trail. If we just focus on getting those trails investigated, people might actually give a shit. The fact of the matter is, there is a disinformation campaign. It’s called entertainment. People would simply rather live simple distracted lives than risk ontological shock. If that’s how life is gonna be, it’s not up to us to fix it, it’s up to us to work with it. Show them that this system is a lie.

TLDR; We should focus more on the misappropriation of funds when discussing this with close minded people. It will make this seem more prevalent.

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