It seems almost condescending to point out, but I really do want to understand and read people’s opinions on this: how come almost everyone on this sub is ready to believe (1) that there are NHIs (2) that the US government has retrieved multiple crafts over the years (3) that it has the actual bodies of NHIs (4) and that it’s been reverse-engineering their technology… but somehow this is significantly more plausible than an airplane full of people getting abducted and it being captured on video?

Isn’t abduction part of the core “lore” of UFOs? So how is it that when presented with a video of it (setting aside for now whether it’s fake or genuine)—people are so incredulous that they’re itching to overlook all the analysis many in this sub have spent so much time and effort to produce?

It just doesn’t make sense to me how this video is any more or any less unbelievable than the very concepts of NHI bodies, NHI craft, reverse-engineered tech, and abductions.

Are you telling me you’re ready to believe extra dimensions, alien civilizations, maybe even Atlantis (I’ve read about it so often in this sub), aliens mutilating cows, aliens experimenting on people—but you’re definitely not ready to believe that aliens could abduct a plane? And it’s captured on video?

Where does plausible end and bs begin? Because to me, every single one of these are just as improbable or likely as the other.

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