One issue I think we’re going to run up against when getting disclosure of any UFO/UAP secrets is what they are wrapped up in.

Prying open the government records on operation sunrise, operation paperclip, and other 1940s-1960s operations is so overwhelmingly difficult because these operations were mostly against US law and against the US constitution, often directly to help our enemies/oligarchs usurp the democratic process, such as by saving nazis to populate European far right militias and NATO leadership positions post-war.

A lot of these same names were accused of being involved in JFK’s assassiantion, including George H. W. Bush whose accused of being involved in both the assassination and in the UFO topic, and of being loyal to oligarchs/foreign influences over and above any loyalty to the US constitution/people.

This is unfortunately a highly contentious and difficult set of issues to get the government to talk about or to walk back – FBI headquarters is still named after a fascist traitor, J. Edgar Hoover who hated democracy and who fought all his life to overthrow it for fascism, just look how dedicated he was to using the FBI to kill MLK Jr. all the way up until the day it happens. These were not men who believed in freedom or democracy.

What are your strategic thoughts on how to get the US to deal with and overcome the uncomfortable truths of our past, be it projects like the insanely evil MK Ultra or the treasonous operations Sunrise and Paperclip, or to finally do UFO disclosure, given that most of the reasons and names are probably the same and we’ve resisted publishing about these topics for largely the same reasons over time?

(second post today because going into surgery tomorrow and the prior post showed apparently a lot of folks aren’t that familiar with the history the US has declassified and told us is in fact true).

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