I’ve commented it in a thread, but I think this deserves its own post.

I don’t take the “former Canadian Minister that talks about UFOs” (Paul Hellyer) seriously and here’s why:

In 2021, he held an AMA on Reddit before and a some of the answers, specially about the juicy details, was just “it’s in my book, read my book!” or “more details in my book”. This is the first red flag, he published a lot of books and appears more interested in selling his books than answering the questions.

I went after some of his books on the phenomena and, to none of my surprise, they just repeat each other most of the time. They just seem to be mass produced.

He also talked of a “Venusian alien with 1200 of IQ” and even included a “picture” of him in one of his books. Spoiler: it’s just a picture that matches 100% our definition of a “male caucasian human being”.

Also, IQ scales aren’t meant to get to “1200”. The max IQ you can get is around 160 on most tests. Even 160 IQs are considered an statistical error.

So, after all this, I can’t take this man seriously. I personally regard him as a grifter.

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