Hi all. The man on the left here is my father. I’m just going to put this out there right now because not doing it makes people question what I may or may not know about the subject of larger than life events and conspiracy theories. So there. Hazmat 1, he’s alive, the guy who relieved him early, died. The man to the right, out on medical leave for PTSD. 19 guys between Hazmat 1 and Squad 288 (the overall physical house + related company personnel outside such as Chief Fanning). My father knew 93 personally in SOC. 343 firefighters overall.

Why am I telling you this? Because this story had a huge impact on my life as you could imagine. It inspired me to spend time always with one foot in charities for PTSD. I was very fortunate to end up in marketing agencies that did tons of cause marketing for these causes and during Covid, I quit my job myself to work for the EMS FDNY Help fund.

Why am I telling you that? Because, I want to tell you from personal experience that these things have impacts. This isn’t just good fun for the 239 people who died and their loved ones. Those 239 people each had dozens upon dozens personal connections. A certain % of those thousands of people will end up down this UFO rabbit hole we’ve created for them.

So, may I put out there that this has run its course? Perhaps speculate about the video without including MH370? You’re hurting people with the way this entire thing has unfolded. Let’s try and get a hold of this mob, even if just a little.

Let’s be good people who are considerate of some real horror that has been thrusted upon people who didn’t deserve it and whose lives have been crushed beyond all recognition trying to keep it all together daily, still, to this day. Let’s not make them depressed doom scrollers desperate for answers down rabbit holes that are really our butt holes.

How do I know? I saw it happen around me. I saw it unravel. These things matter. Imagine having a father, brother, whomever, who now you’re like, “omg they could be alive in some alien world.” Our actions have consequences.

Thanks for your time.

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