I’ve been trying to decide if anything that comes through official disclosure would be trustworthy or not, and what that information would actually, in all likelihood, be. I worry that even if the government told us the exact truth, that we have been misled and diverted so many times, that we would not believe them if they confirm UAP are alien. The masses will, but the rest of us closer to the topic might not.

I do suspect that if disclosure comes to us at all, that the narrative will be boiled down. They will tell us something like, “Yes, they are not human, and we are being visited by them” but that is all we will get. None of the follow-up questions will be disclosed, even if known. And UAP researchers will just have to shift to a new “given what we know” narrative that explores the next big questions.

One thing I’ve been watching closely, is how our beloved (and not so beloved) UAP researchers are currently posturing or preparing to shift their stories depending on what the government does here. The individuals that have been lying will have to spin a new story to continue to be relevant, while any researcher who is confirmed by the potential government disclosures will be propelled to the forefront of the issue.

But I’m just one dude – what do you all think? Will you believe them if you get something less or different from the narrative you believe to be true? Has a century of gaslighting made us incapable of actually recognizing the truth when we hear it?

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